Anselm Christophersen
Front-End Chapter Lead @ Danske Bank
❤️ JavaScript

About Me

I am the Chapter Lead on the Front-End Chapter  in the Financing Business Tribe  in Danske Bank in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I am also a lover of tech and pleasing design.
I build all types of (web and mobile) sites, apps, and e-commerce solutions, mainly using JavaScript.
I plan, design and develop solutions.

Check out the work section for examples of projects I've worked on, and positions I've had.

Tech, I'm loving right now

As of Summer 2021:
Reactive variablesReact QueryOpenShift 4Drone.ioArgoCDDockerKubernetesGitOps.

Earlier candidates (still loving 'em):
Design SystemsStorybook & ChromaticNetlifyGatsbyNext.jsGraphql & ApolloStyled ComponentsCypress, and Mdx.

Clients I've worked for

Having been freelancing for many years, I've worked on projects for an array of interesting clients (both as direct clients/employers, and indirectly as sub contractor).

These include Philippe Starck (link), Danfoss (link), Thomas Cook (link), the Danish Royal Collections (links: #1 #2), Visit Denmark (links: #1 #2), Novo Nordisk (link), Greenpeace (link), Fritz Hansen (links: #1 #2), Paradise Hotel on Danish TV3 (link), Rezidor SAS Cornerstone (link), a large European car company (link), Copenhagen University (links: #1 #2), Canadian Partnership against Cancer (link), Norse Projects (link), International Health Insurance (link), Grænseforeningen (link), the Danish ADHD Society (link), Schuler Group (link), Danmarks Underholdningsorkester (link), and of course my current employer, one of the largest banks in Denmark, Danske Bank (links: #1 #2)


I finished high school in Tønder, Denmark in 2002.
After finishing, I took a graphic/web related internship at an agency, and had a few web related jobs.

From 2005 to 2008 I became a Bachelor in "Business, Language & Culture" at the Copenhagen Business School, with an exchange Sememster in Singapore.


I'm a father to Azul and Lima, and a husband to Susana. They shine on me everyday, and I enjoy spending my time with them.